~ In the interest of encouraging print collecting, investment, and enjoyment, I am offering one 8 x 11 special edition print per month for $100.00. The selected picture will be available for only one month at 100.00 and only in the 8 x 11 sheet size. It will be printed to the same standard to which my collector and archive prints are made, that being archival pigment prints on heavy weight photo Baryta semi-gloss paper. Prints will be titled and signed in pencil on the back. All the prints are made in my studio.

As an art enthusiast I am sure you understand the advantages looking at an original print has versus viewing the image on a smartphone, tablet, or computer monitor. I also believe that collecting properly is smart investment. I am hoping to encourage the ability to collect with minimal investment.

Printed on Photo Baryta paper with archival inks, 8 x 11 sheet size, 6×9 image area, signed and titled verso.



10081 • River Falls, Wisconsin

Available Through November, 2018

$100.00 – Includes U.S. Shipping

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